Nisha Drinkard
Artist and Educator


Artist Statement

My drawings take on a variety of forms. I draw in color pencil, color pencil sticks, graphite pencil and sticks, and use found natural objects. The use of natural objects is a continuation of my other work where express my personal relationship with nature. I mainly draw on vellum because I like the transparency of the paper and freedom that it allows me as an artist. Using the transparency of the paper I can layer many sheets together to create one completed image. Thus using multiples to create a unified whole, even when the multiples are stacked together or in the form of a book hinged on one side.

When I create my work it is through the use of automatic drawing. My hand, body and mind are in the moment, reacting and moving in time to what is on the paper. The drawings reflect my emotions at the moment. Drawings are an immediate way for me to stay in touch with my artistic voice and vision. When I am drawing there is no separation between the creative thoughts in my mind and the creative action of my body. The actions of my body, in drawing, are rapid, quick and decisive. There are no second chances or edits. The beauty of exploring this art form is its ability to create a stream of consciousness from the mind, the point of creativity, to extend it to the body then to the arm. There is for me no separation between mind and body as the pencil moves on the paper. This is so different than my other creative processes. It is that contrast which is engaging and enlightening as an artist to be able to view two completely different methodologies in creation of my work next to one another.